Friday, February 5, 2010

Pros and cons of acrylic and gel nails?

can any give me some info on which is the best, gel or acrylic? things like price, durability, looks, convenience etc.

i have had acrylics for the past 7 years and are thinking of trying the gel nails, i always have french tips can this be done with gel?Pros and cons of acrylic and gel nails?
Yes Gel can have french tips. I would def. go with gel over acrylic, they last longer, are more natural looking, less prone to yellowing.

So yeah, gel is better, you should try them outPros and cons of acrylic and gel nails?
To me, gel %26amp; acrylic are about the same. It is very time consuming and expensive (depending on your budget %26amp; where you go ~$45/month)

Personally, I had gel nails done for my wedding 5 years ago. They looked great BUT... the day after I returned from the honeymoon, a nail got caught in the car door and snapped off. ~$5 for a repair.

About a month later, I was sick of them and decided to get them all off. They use a Dremel ( to grind down the acrylic/gel at the expense of your natural nails. I had a ridge that gradually grew out of my nails - it took about 3-4 months.

If you have already done acrylic and are thinking of moving to gel, I recommend getting your natural nails healthy again. It's not good for them to always be covered in polish or acrylic nails.

And yes, you can get french on a gel.
I have never had acrylic or gel nails. I think natural nails is the way to go a lot less upkeep and a lot less to keep up with.

I don't know if french tips can be done with gel.

It sounds like either one would be expensive because of the maintenance.

I used to get manicures but stopped as of two years ago because it got to be too expensive.
Never even heard of gel nails.

I would guess acrylic is more durable and probably cheaper since not too many places have gel.
ok seriously, you should just use your own nails. that's free and they're not fake!!!!
your own are the best, give them some loving care, you'll be amazed.

Other just look bad, no matter what anyone says

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